Common Problems Corrected Through Braces

Recognized as “Top Orthodontist” by both Washingtonian Magazine and Northern Virginia Magazine, Dr. Allen Garai has been practicing orthodontics for more than 15 years and teaching orthodontics for more than a decade. Dr. Garai explains the most frequent problems with the mouth and teeth that his practice corrects through several types of braces.

Bite Issues
A bite issue is a misalignment of the upper and lower rows of teeth that can affect the appearance and function of the teeth and jaw. Bite issues include an overbite, an openbite, or a crossbite.

An overbite occurs when the upper front teeth protrude much further than the bottom row of teeth, sometimes causing the lower teeth to dig into the roof of the mouth, whereas a crossbite is the opposite: when the upper teeth sit inside the lower row of teeth. An openbite is when the two rows of teeth do not overlap.

Crowding and Spacing Issues
Whether the teeth do not have enough room to grow out of the gums, or too much space between them, braces can correct the positioning and spacing of the teeth for an aesthetic and functional smile.