Dr. Allen Garai and Lingual Orthodontics

Recently recognized by The Washingtonian magazine as one of the leaders in lingual orthodontics in the Washington area, Dr. Garai offers a full range of treatments for teenagers and adults.

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A popular and effective alternative to traditional braces, lingual orthodontics refers to braces placed behind the teeth. Lingual braces include brackets custom-made to fit each patient’s teeth; they encourage teeth to straighten by applying steady, light pressure.

While relying on the same orthodontic principles of traditional braces, lingual braces have one key cosmetic advantage: no metal brackets are placed on the front of the teeth. In addition to their aesthetic benefits, lingual braces are a great choice for patients who play contact sports or wind instruments, where traditional braces can interfere with everyday activities. Lingual options are also attractive for patients with sensitivities to plastic that make other invisible braces options unviable.

Dr. Garai has been treating patients with lingual braces for more than 15 years, and he has taught at Children’s National Medical Center and the Washington Hospital Center Department of Orthodontics since 1998.