3 Oral Hygiene Tools for People with Braces By Dr. Allen Garai

There are a number of products that people who wear braces can use to improve their oral hygiene. Here are some examples:

1. The interdental toothbrush: Unlike a normal toothbrush, the interdental toothbrush is designed to get between the teeth as well as under and around braces and wires.

2. Antibacterial mouthwash: This product can prevent infection and irritation that may develop from braces. It also can assist with irritation caused by canker sores and cheek bites.

3. Fluoride: This is especially crucial for people with braces, because it prevents tooth decay by killing bacteria and restoring minerals in the enamel. Fluoride can be applied directly to the teeth in gel form, or it can be used as a mouthrinse.

About the Author

Dr. Garai is an orthodontist practicing in Vienna, Virginia. He offers several types of braces to his patients, including standard metal braces and more modern invisible braces.